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Families, Inviduials, and Corporations

Security, Safety & Protection of your Personal Wealth and Assets

We offer specialist services for Maltese nationals and expatriates resident in both Malta and the EU under Freedom of Services and Establishment Passporting or current British Nationals planning to move abroad.
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Retirement Planning

Are you looking for expert advice on the different pension plans currently available?

Life Assurance Coverage

Looking to secure your family's future if the unexpected happens?

High Growth Investments

Looking for the best investment advice to get the most return from your money?

Insurance Broking

Looking for the most comprehensive but cost effective insurance plans?

Case Studies

Personal Testimonials

Thank you for your kind attention and advice. Your professional, yet friendly approach with simple explanations of the products available together with the benefits and risks and detailing the various processes, potential charges, fees etc. greatly assisted our decision regarding the suitability of the product for our circumstances.

Retired Chartered Civil Engineer

UK Expat, Living in Malta

Lawsons Equity were able to firstly find out the exact value of my UK pension which I must admit I had almost forgotten about and then helped me to take a lump sum from it earlier than I expected which I was very grateful for and helped me to restart with my business here in Malta.

David, St. Paul's Bay

UK Expat, Living in Malta

I have been worried about my UK pension for some time because the value of it seemed to be going down and down and it was extremely difficult when attempting to contact the correct department and transferred from one to another. Lawsons were able to make contact and apply for a transfer which means I can have an input over where it will now be invested and avoid many telephone calls to the UK.

Marion Marsascala

UK Expat, Living in Malta
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