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Life Assurance

Find The Right Life Assurance Plan With Lawsons Equity

We are licenced by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) as Enrolled Insurance Brokers under the Insurance Intermediaries Act 2006, and to provide Investment Services under the Investment Services Act, 1994.  Our advisors have 15+ years experience and our no-nonsense approach ensures you get the Life Assurance Plan you need and at the most cost effective price.

If you are a resident or thinking of becoming a resident in UK, Malta, Italy, Spain or Portugal, contact us today to book your free consultation.

What Are The Benefits Of Life Assurance?

Almost everyone pays their annual insurance premiums to cover such items as their homes, personal possessions and cars against mishap, damage, loss and a number of other risks.

One area that many neglect is life insurance for ourselves and our partners.

The reasons for this apparent neglect are many but will most probably include the following:

“I haven’t got the time to look around for the best quote”.

“There are so many life insurance companies, which one do I choose?”

“It’s usually far too expensive and I have other commitments”.

“I don’t really need it”.

However we should be asking ourselves:

“How will my family manage when I die?”

“Where will my family live if I do not have insurance or funds to cover the outstanding mortgage amount ?”

“Can I cope if my spouse dies, how can I be the bread winner and home keeper?”

“I want my children to be able to go to university, but can they do that if I die before they go?”


Which Life Assurance Plan Is Best For You

As a fully licensed and authorized Insurance Broker we are able to help you overcome the above barriers and to answer questions.

After a consultation we can help you review potential solutions to these questions and then obtain quotations and other information from a varied range of Insurance Companies on your behalf.

This in turn saves you the time and effort searching for the most affordable quotation and ensuring you are requesting a suitable policy in line with your circumstances.

Lawsons Equity has strong relationships with various insurance companies. There are many key advantages when a policy recommendation may involve one of these companies and without doubt one is to be able to offer our client, you, a greater investment choice.

Many of these insurance products can be useful in support of retirement planning and not just life cover.

Lawsons Equity has a number of consultants who are fully qualified within this sector and have a minimum of 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry which means you are not only being offered a full independent range of policy recommendations, but you will also be presented with the advice from a consultant with many years of experience and expertise gained either from the UK or Malta or in some cases the knowledge has been obtained in both countries.

Insurance Products Available

  • Level Term Assurance
  • Decreasing Term Assurance
  • Flexible Endowment Plans
  • Whole of Life Plans
  • Regular Savings Plans

The process could not be simpler. In the first instance you will be given the opportunity to meet with a consultant for a coffee or over the phone if you prefer for a non-obligatory consultation.

The first meeting will also enable the consultant to obtain a full snap shot overview of your circumstances in complete confidence. The information gathered will then enable the consultant to source and prepare a full set of recommendations in readiness for the second meeting.

It’s this process that may only take 2 hours out of your diary over two meetings rather than many more hours if you were to take the time to search independently by telephone, car or internet or all 3 and then be absolutely certain that you are requesting the correct quotation for the correct type of policy based on your circumstances.

Finally, if you do want to save yourself time and effort, obtain the most suitable quotation linked to the correct policy from a fully qualified consultant with many years of industry experience and have the peace of mind now knowing that you have now placed yourself in the same category as your car, home and personal possessions….INSURED.

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