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What Is A Complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction or displeasure made by a client, whether verbally or written, regarding a product and/or service. At Lawsons Equity we investigate each complaint in whatever form received. Each complaint is investigated impartially and on its own merits.

When a complaint is received, Lawsons shall appoint a delegated employee who shall be responsible for dealing with the client’s query/complaint and seeing that this is resolved. In this respect, the delegated employee will be responsible to ensure that the client’s issue is dealt with as quickly as possible and to the satisfaction of the client.

If the issue is still not solved from the initial discussions with the client and/or information obtained from the delegated employee, the Director will immediately be in a position to assess whether the complaint is of a minor nature or whether the complaint is more serious and therefore must be channeled directly to the Compliance Officer for further investigation in terms of relevant legislation.

Should you wish you may channel your complaint to the Complaints Officer:

All complaints will be acknowledged within 1 business day.
A communication with the final decision will be sent within 14 business days

If still not satisfied

You may also refer your complaint to the Arbiter of Financial Services (Arbiter). Hereunder please find the complaints process by the Arbiter.

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