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Security, Safety & Protection of your Personal Wealth and Assets

We offer specialist services for Maltese nationals and expatriates resident in both Malta and the EU under Freedom of Services and Establishment Passporting or current British Nationals planning to move abroad.

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A Team Built on Shared Values


We portray professional standards in conjunction with industry qualifications, Certified Financial Planning Certificates, which is a prerequisite for all financial consultants.

Real Value to Our Clients and Investors

We are here to satisfy our clients by recommending the highest quality products and services in line with our clients’ aspirations, expectations and objectives, whether these are over the medium or long term and in accordance with a desire to generate a regular income and/or capital growth.

Read What Our Clients Say


The team at Lawsons arranged my expat pension transfer efficiently, with transparency, and I really appreciated the efforts made to jump on the plane when needed to discuss the process and important details with me face to face. I would highly recommend a discussion with Lawsons Equity to anyone looking at their expat pension arrangements.



Lawsons Equity were able to firstly find out the exact value of my UK pension which I must admit I had almost forgotten about and then helped me to take a lump sum from it earlier than I expected which I was very grateful for and helped me to restart with my business here in Malta.

David, St. Paul's Bay

UK Expat, Living in Malta

Lawsons Equity have recently helped me move 30 years’ accumulated pension savings into a SIPP. As an ex-pat I’ve found their advice, attentiveness and personal manner to be wholly reassuring through this process. I haven’t felt chased or goaded to do things I wasn’t comfortable with.

Mrs E L R

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